Residential Solar Systems

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Residential Solar Systems

You want to create a better future for your family and their little ones without breaking the bank — we can help make your dreams come true!

Impact Solar offers some of the leading clean energy solutions and solar systems for homeowners across Camden County, Burlington County, Mercer County, Gloucester County, and other parts of New Jersey. 

We are a solar company based out of Haddonfield, NJ, and we have been trusted by local residents for years to design, install, and repair high-quality solar panels for homes. Every solar PV system is engineered around your needs and custom-built from state-of-the-art equipment to ensure its longevity and performance. You won’t find any one-size-fits-all solutions here! Impact Solar is committed to bringing clean energy to your home for less. 

Make the best investment for your home today! Learn more about solar for homeowners below or contact us to schedule your FREE solar consultation. We service Cherry Hill, Mullica Hill, Toms River, Hammonton, Medford, Vorhees, Deptford Township, Sewell, Washington Township, Stafford Township, and, of course, our hometown of Haddonfield, as well as other surrounding communities. 

Get a FREE Solar Consultation Today!

Say yes to clean power. Say yes to amazing savings. Say yes to our FREE consultation. 

Before we begin designing any residential or commercial solar system, our top consultants will conduct an inspection of your home to determine whether solar power is, in fact, the best option for your home

This service is available at no cost to you. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience by calling us or filling out an online application

The Residential Solar Panel Installation Process


One of our friendly solar consultants will have a quick conversation with you to see if solar is right for you and your property. We also do an inspection of your electrical usage and property layout to help determine the answer.

During this process, the Impact Solar engineering team will design a custom solar system and discuss available financing options for your new solar system. Our Proposal Tool will show you how much you’re expected to save over the next 20-25 years!


After taking the time to review the information, we finalize the contract. Impact Solar can now truly begin the process of making your solar dream into a reality.


We complete the design based on the agreed specifications. The process for approval is then continued with your utility company, the state, and your local municipality. Your Impact Solar consultants will monitor and notify you as each step in the process is completed.


Most solar installations take only two days. Once completed, we will schedule inspections from the municipality and utility. This is the last step on the road to energy independence and savings!

Ready to Cash in on Residential Energy Savings

Thanks to innovative financing and lower equipment costs, solar power is now cheaper than traditional electricity. We have several financing options, which include our $0-Down Solar Loan and Cash Purchase. Our products allow you to switch to clean energy for no money upfront. Solar for homeowners has never been easier than this!

We also offer great warranties as well as solar panel critter guards and snow guards to help you extend the life of your equipment. 

10-Year Workmanship Warranty and Leakproof Warranty

During the first 10 years after the installation, Impact Solar will repair or, at our discretion, replace any defective part of the system. Likewise, for the first 10 years after installation, Impact Solar will be responsible for any damages to your home caused by the installation of your solar system.

10-Year Production Guarantee

Impact Solar guarantees that, during the first 10 years after your interconnection date, your system will generate the Guaranteed KiloWatt-Hours (kWh) set in your contract. The Guaranteed Annual kWh Production is set to start at 90% of the Estimated kWh Production due to variability in weather conditions. If at the end of Year one the Actual kWh Production is less than the Guaranteed kWh Production, Impact Solar will send you a check in the mail!

Earn Even More By Selling Your SRECS!

New Jersey allows every solar system owner to obtain 10 years of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) to sell on a regulated market. Our team will walk you through opening your SREC account with the State. Once your account is open, we will show you how to sell them yourself or work with one of our SREC partners to sell them automatically on your behalf.

Check out our FAQS page for more information on the government incentives that are available to homeowners with solar systems in Camden County, Burlington County, Mercer County, Gloucester County, and everywhere else in New Jersey.

The Best Solar for Homeowners Available Near You

Do you live in Cherry Hill, Mullica Hill, Toms River, Hammonton, Medford, Vorhees, Deptford Township, Sewell, Washington Township, Stafford Township, or Haddonfield and are looking for the leading solar systems in your area? Impact Solar has got you covered!

Not only do we design, install, and repair solar panels across New Jersey, but we also provide homeowners with tips on correct maintenance techniques, like how to navigate solar panels and snow removal during the winter months. 

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call!