Solar System Services & Maintenance

Removing and reinstalling solar panels is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and credentials. As such, it’s always in your best interest to entrust the tasks to professionals who have the know-how to get the job done safely and efficiently.

At Impact Solar, we have years of experience removing solar panels and reinstalling them without damaging them or the roofs they’re on. Reach out to us today to learn more and to schedule a removal for your home.

When You Need Solar Panels Removed, You Can Place Your Trust in Our Team


To ensure you aren’t left in the dark during the removal, we remain communicative and ready to answer questions every step of the way.


Led by a professional with an extensive background and an NABCEP certification in PV installation, customers can count on us for a safe and efficient removal process.

Quality Control

Unlike larger, national companies that remove and install solar panels, Impact Solar is local and directly involved in all aspects of the process to ensure quality control and workmanship.

No Matter Why You Have to Remove Solar Panels, We'll Be There to Assist You

Roof Repair or Renovations

When you need to repair or remodel your roof, we’ll handle the intricate process of detaching and protecting your solar energy system. The expertise of solar installers ensures that the integrity of your roof or the panels themselves isn’t compromised. Our careful approach means that when your panels are reinstalled, their ability to generate electricity won’t be impaired.

Solar System Upgrades

Photovoltaic panels that have been damaged beyond repair by a storm will struggle to absorb the sun’s rays — necessitating a replacement. Removing a damaged solar system requires a nuanced understanding of solar equipment and the specific electrical connections. As such, our professional solar panel removal team will ensure your system is safely disconnected.

Moving to a New Home

If your family plans to move, we’ll help you reinstall solar panels on your new home. The experience of the Impact Solar team ensures that your solar panels will be removed, transported, and reinstalled safely and efficiently.

An Overview of Our Solar Panel Removal Service

Shutting off Power

Turning off power halts energy production, making it safe to disconnect the system from the home’s electrical grid. This step is vital, as it safeguards both the workers and the integrity of your solar power system. As a professional solar company, we are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to safely manage these electrical connections.

Unbolting Panels

Knowing how to unbolt panels from the mounting hardware requires precision and a thorough understanding of the solar system’s design. Our professional solar installers are trained in the correct techniques to remove the solar panels without accidentally damaging your roof or your panels. By placing your trust in the Impact Solar team, you can have confidence knowing that your solar system will be dismantled safely.

Disconnecting Hardware

Disconnecting the mounting hardware ensures that the entire system can be safely lifted from the roof. This process demands knowledge of how solar panels are affixed to the roof and the removal of fasteners without causing damage to roofing materials. As solar experts, we employ specialized tools and techniques to disconnect your hardware efficiently.

Taking Out Electrical Wires

Removing the electrical cables from your roof is a delicate part of the solar panel removal process, which ensures that all connections between the panels and your home’s electrical system are safely severed. Doing so is essential for preventing electrical shocks and hazards.

After Removing a Solar Panel System, What Happens to It?

When storing panels in between renovations or moves, we employ protective measures to guard against scratches, bending, and exposure to adverse weather conditions. As one of the top solar companies in New Jersey, you can have peace of mind knowing that your uninstalled panels will be safe and ready to generate renewable electricity when they return to your roof.

If You Need Solar Panels Removed in New Jersey, Impact Solar Will Be a Phone Call Away

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Removing and installing solar panels is easy and stress-free when you entrust the job to the professionals at Impact Solar. Call us today to learn more about our removals, as well as our critter guards and other residential solar solutions.