Electric Cost Control
Historically, each property using electricity was at the mercy of the cost of their local utility company. Solar Energy is now available at a cheaper, fixed price so you never have to worry about price increases. Additionally, once installed, you can take advantage of the government benefits and watch your savings roll in!

No Pollution
Solar energy is non-polluting, clean, reliable and renewable source of electricity. It does not pollute the air by releasing harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide or sulphur oxide. Solar energy also does not require any fuel.

The average residential 7 kW (~$1,800 yearly electric bill) solar system saves the equivalent in carbon emissions of:

  • 15,000 miles/year driven by the average passenger vehicle
  • 6,500 pounds/year of coal burned from your utility company
  • 160 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

These calculations were obtained from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Website. Use EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator to find out other benefits of going solar.

Unlimited Source
Solar energy is a renewable energy source that will continue to produce electricity as long as the sun is out. Solar energy can be used to harness power in remote locations that were previously very expensive to outfit.

Installation Is Easy
Solar modules are easy to install and do not require any special materials or power sources. They also can be installed on rooftops, which means no new space is needed and each home or business user can generate their own electricity.

Solar systems are comprised of no moving parts (except in the inverter). They are designed to work for 25+ years in almost all weather conditions.