Don’t rely on the power supply — generate your own electricity with solar panels! When you install solar panels on your roof, you’ll be able to become less dependent on the power grid and avoid many of the problems that come with it, specifically, the rapid rise of energy prices. Here’s a look at why making the move to solar energy is best for more than just the environment, but your wallet too.

What Is the Power Grid?

Before we go any further, let’s take a quick look at what the power grid actually is. The power grid isn’t a single device or appliance — instead, it’s a large network of interconnected components that work in tandem to supply homes with electricity. The United States power grid can be divided into three different stages, including:


The power grid starts at power plants, which generate power. The United States power grid is made up of roughly 11 thousand power plants.


The generated electricity is then sent across long distances using power lines or underground cables. The electricity is made high-voltage by using step-up transformers, as it lowers the amount of electricity that’s lost during the transmission.


A step-down transformer is used to convert the transmitted electricity to a lower voltage, which is then distributed across lines and sent to power buildings.

Electricity Prices Are Rising

If you’ve looked at your bills lately, then you know full well that the price of electricity is on the rise. Between 2020 and 2022 alone, the average cost increased by a considerable 73% — and is projected to continue rising and becoming more expensive.

But what’s causing the rise in electricity prices in the first place? It has a lot to do with the costs of gas, coal, and natural gas, which have all skyrocketed in recent years. After their reduced prices during the 2020 pandemic, the cost of these resources rebounded tremendously and took the price of electricity with them.

In addition, many of the transmission facilities that are responsible for keeping the power grid alive have started to grow old and are in great need of replacement — many are several decades old, with some being in their fifties and higher. Paying for new parts of the power grid is expensive, which is another reason why the cost of electricity has risen.

Switching to Solar Is a Sound Solution!

Rather than deal with the hassle of increased fossil fuel costs and other power grid problems, you can bypass high electricity prices entirely when you make the switch to solar! By tapping into the limitless power of the sun with solar panels, you won’t have to be as dependent on the power grid for your home’s electricity. Plus, having access to a reliable source of power can help you avoid any unexpected fluctuations in energy prices. With solar, you can essentially insulate yourself from rising energy costs. After installing your own solar panels, you’ll become less dependent on the three stages of the power grid and directly generate electricity for your home!

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