If you’ve been thinking about installing solar panels on a home, there are several things to consider before doing so. Installing solar panels is a great way to save money on electricity and generate renewable energy that doesn’t harm the environment. Yet, homeowners should consider all aspects of a solar panel installation before moving ahead with the work.

Here are some of the things every homeowner should take into consideration when it comes to utilizing residential solar power:

Are You Properly Insured?

One of the first questions you should be asking yourself is if you have the right insurance policy. Making sure your homeowner’s policy covers the installation of solar panels is essential in case something happens. Contact your insurance company and make any adjustments to your policy prior to work being performed on the residence.

Does the Roof Need Repairs or Replacement?

Another important thing to consider before the installation of solar panels is whether your existing roof requires repairs or a complete replacement. If possible, make sure any roof issues are taken into account and corrected beforehand. This will help you avoid the headache of having to repair or replace your roof after the solar panels are installed.

How Large Is Your Roof?

Residential homes come in a variety of sizes, from small cottages to large mansions. With that said, it’s important to determine the usable roof space for solar panel installation. If your home lacks sufficient area to install solar panels, you might not be able to justify the cost of installing them. Additionally, if the roof of your house is large, you’ll need to discuss how much area is needed to install the number of solar panels to power the home successfully.

Do You Have the Proper Permits to Install Solar Panels?

Most municipalities require an inspection and permit to perform work on a residential structure. Local building codes ensure that structures are safe for occupants, especially if work is being done to the building. Make sure to contact your local municipality and get the proper permits before having any significant changes performed on your home. Some solar companies will already have this information and can offer assistance if needed.

Are You Using a Reputable Contractor?

A solar panel installation on a residential home is a big project, and because of this, you’ll need to be assured that the contractor you’re using for the work is reputable. Do your research before hiring someone for the job, and make sure the contractor provides detailed information about what they’ll be doing to complete the work.

Also, make sure the solar panels, the installation work, and the inverter is covered by a warranty. While issues with solar power systems are negligible, you’ll want peace of mind knowing you’re covered by a warranty if anything goes wrong.

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