To be their most effective, solar panels should face south. This is because the sun is its fiercest in the south, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Since positioning your solar panels correctly is fundamental to getting the most out of your solar system, it’s important to get the positioning just right. But this involves more than just pointing them in the direction where they get the most sun each day.

Angle Specificity

To accurately position your solar panels, you also need to make your southern-facing solar panels tilt at the appropriate angle, which is generally agreed upon to be 30 to 40 degrees. However, during solar panel installation in NJ, your pro installer will also take into account your home’s latitude. More specifically, when determining which angle to position your panels, your installer will look at how far north your home is located (in relation to the equator).

This angle specificity is difficult for the untrained eye to ascertain, which underscores the need to seek out professional assistance when installing your solar panels. Getting the angle just right and positioning your panels “just so” ensures that sunlight not only hits the panels but also hits them at a perpendicular angle — so they produce the maximum amount of energy for your location.

What’s more, properly positioned solar panels also take into account snowfall that may accumulate in the winter months. This is especially important in northern regions where snowfall can be abundant.

Your Roof

It’s sometimes the case that a rooftop has the ideal slope for solar panel installation. Installers are able to easily secure the solar panels against the roof in a way that allows maximum sunlight absorption. However, steeper roofs or flat roofs present additional challenges for the installer and may require special mounting systems.

If a southern-facing installation is not in the cards for your home, there’s a workaround by installing them southwest or southeast. The downside is you need to be prepared to generate a little less energy with this type of installation.

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