Apart from adopting a clean energy source, there are many advantages to switching to solar. The cost of both solar panels and installation is dropping, and technological improvements are making them more effective than previous models, leading many to go solar. 

But are solar panels worth it? More often than not, absolutely. However, there are circumstances that make solar panels more suitable for some homeowners than others. To learn if solar is worth it for you, here are four factors to consider.

Electricity Costs

Does your state or region have high electricity rates? Then this is a situation where solar panels are worth it. By generating your own power, you won’t have to rely on the expensive rates in the area. Essentially, the higher your electricity costs are, the more money you’ll save by switching to solar. In some circumstances, you can save as much as $100 per month.

Another factor you should consider is the fluctuating electricity costs from the power grid. These can make energy payments unpredictable, but you won’t have to worry about them with solar energy.

Financial Incentives

Many states and cities around the country believe that solar panels are worth it to become less dependent on fossil fuels. To encourage their citizens to install them, the Federal government and state governments have started to offer financial incentives that can do more than offset the installation cost of the panels. In addition to cash-back incentives, some states offer net metering, which lets homeowners sell their excess energy back to the grid.

Of course, the extent of these incentives varies greatly by location. This means that whether or not solar panels are worth it for you may depend on the extent of incentives offered in your area.

Condition of Your Home

If you’re a renter that doesn’t own a building, you may not be able to install panels. However, even if you are a property owner, there are still some factors you need to keep in mind. Most notably, the condition of your roof may determine whether or not solar is worth it. Your roof needs to be in good shape and meet the right criteria to support the panels. For example, some roofing materials are easier to install panels on than others, while older roofs may not last throughout the solar system’s entire lifespan.

Panel Positioning

Solar panels are worth it for homeowners who have the best positioning for producing electricity. As steep angles lower the amount of energy generated, the best roof tilt for panels is 30 to 45 degrees. Thankfully, many houses already have roofs that fall within this range, so this shouldn’t be a problem for most homeowners. Another positioning factor that can increase solar generation is the direction the panels face. Systems facing the south get the best exposure to sunlight, although it is not necessary for a well-functioning panel system.

No matter how ideal the positioning is, panels that aren’t in the shade often or at all will create more electricity. In turn, any trees and buildings that block out the sunlight will cause panels to produce less energy. But are solar panels worth it in this situation? Absolutely. Even if the circumstances aren’t the best, they’ll still generate energy. With that in mind, panels in places that have more hours of sunlight during the day will fare better than those that don’t.

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