Every solar system, whether 1MW or 1KW in size will eventually require some type of maintenance. Of course, the larger the system, the more maintenance is required. However, other factors play into how much maintenance is required, such as location and mounting type. For example, a solar array in the suburbs of NJ will require less maintenance than an identical array located in Atlantic City, where it is exposed to more salt in the air. Likewise, a ground-mounted solar array will require more maintenance than a roof-mounted solar array due to its immediate surroundings. Specifically, the landscape of the surrounding area needs to be taken care of (special care is advised when cutting grass under and around system). Also, without a fence, animals or other objects are more likely to come in contact with the array. Roof-mounted solar systems should require the least maintenance due to its location off the ground. In fact, roof-mounted solar arrays can easily go YEARS without any maintenance or problems. Additionally, solar modules and inverters have dramatically gotten better and repairs are less frequent than they have ever been.

Here at Impact Solar, we want our customers to have a peace of mind that their solar system will be performing efficiently for decades. We include our Solar Upkeep program, at no additional cost, with every loan or purchase to clean and protect your solar system.

Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff with any questions or if you are interested in a free consultation!

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