Have you ever wondered what you can do to make a difference in your community? By taking a closer look at your carbon footprint, you can determine the effects of your behavior and whether they are in the best interest of the surrounding area. For some, these eco-friendly or green habits take the form of recycling and composting, whereas, for others, more long-term decisions are made to commit to helping the planet. 

Solar panels offer a festive, “go green” solution for your home, right in time for St. Patrick’s Day, in that they are a cleaner energy source. Therefore, solar systems, as they are referred to, address how you can contribute to a better planet Earth and have a greener footprint for the holiday.  

What Are Solar Power Systems? 

Solar power systems are compiled of individual panels working in tandem to create the photovoltaic effect, the process by which sunlight is converted into electrical energy. You can learn more about the photovoltaic effect here. Most residential solar panels are also connected to the power grid in case backup power is required. These are referred to as grid-tier systems. 

How Is It A Cleaner Energy Source? 

After the installation of solar panels, families and businesses become less dependent on traditional energy sources. Electricity typically utilizes natural gas or coal, and it is known that fossil fuels release harmful gases into the atmosphere. These gas emissions lead to climate change and air pollution. Additionally, coal and natural gas plants contribute to water and air pollution, and fossil fuels need lots of water in order to be produced. With that said, switching to a more renewable energy source is not only safer for the planet but for mankind too. 

Solar power systems, in comparison, are more sustainable and do not add to the ongoing issue of pollution.  

Here’s What You Should Know

You may be thinking, “how can something work without requiring so little from other resources?” Here’s the scoop. Unlike traditional electricity, which is threatened by certain weather conditions, solar energy works through rain or shine, and there are additional insurances you can get when it comes to winter weather. Our solar company offers snow guards for easy and safe snow removal. That way, no matter the temperature or conditions outside, you should have power to your NJ residence or commercial property.  

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