It’s been a hot, hot summer for anyone who lives in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. So much so that we’re kind of glad the temperatures are slowly cooling off each day. However, the ending of summer and the beginning of fall may concern some homeowners who depend on solar energy to power their homes. Do solar panels work better in the summer, or will you still have enough energy to comfortably enjoy life at home through the colder months? An expert from Impact Solar, one of New Jersey’s top solar services providers, weighs in!

Think Light, Not Heat

Here’s the truth about solar panels and the weather: heat does not affect performance nearly as much as everyone thinks it does. Solar panels actually collect sunlight, not heat, to convert into electricity. This is known as the photovoltaic effect, which we covered in our last blog. As long as there is an abundant amount of sunshine available for the taking, solar panels have everything they need to bring your home to life and keep the whole family comfortable.

Can Heat Be the Enemy?

infographic sun vs solar panels facts

What Happens During Cloudy Winter Days?

As we mentioned earlier, light is the key determining factor of solar panel performance. Without it, solar panels don’t generate much, if any, electricity. So, what happens during cloudy days that seem to dominate much of the winter season?

Luckily, solar panels are designed to draw energy from ambient light as well as sunlight. Ambient light isn’t as effective as sunlight, but it still produces a small amount of energy. Plus, more often than not, the sun still peaks through even on overcast days. So, while your solar panels may not receive the full power of the sun, very rarely are they left with nothing at all.

How to Boost Solar Panel Efficiency

You can play a hand in how effective your solar system is, even on the cloudiest days. Follow these tips below to keep your solar panels in the best condition possible, so they can provide you with more energy for less.

If you’re interested in learning more or purchasing a residential or commercial solar system in the New Jersey area, please contact us today!

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