After completing your residential solar installation in NJ, you may be wondering how to clean your new solar panels; or if cleaning is required at all. There are many facets of solar panel cleaning you should familiarize yourself with if, so here is everything you need to know about cleaning solar panels:

Is Solar System Maintenance Necessary?

The truth about cleaning your solar panels is that it is not as important to energy production as you might initially think. Dirty solar panels will only have their efficiency lowered by around 5%, which is not a very notable impact. Of course, how detrimental the dirtiness will be varies based on factors such as the size of the panel.

Even if washing the panels can remove dust and dirt, you won’t necessarily have to do it yourself. Rain is capable of cleaning off any debris, as long as the panels are angled in such a way so that the raindrops can easily slide off; at least five degrees is needed, so nearly any panel that is not flat can benefit from a stormy day. However, while rain certainly helps, using a cleaning service is more reliable than waiting for rainfall. As a result, you should consider cleaning your solar panels every so often, but doing so on a consistent basis is unnecessary and the work should be left to professionals.

Why Solar Panels Become Dirty

There are various ways a solar system can become obscured: dirt, dust, pollen, and sand are all particles that can build up on the surface of a solar panel. As a result, areas where these forms of debris are most prevalent, such as those nearby factories, highways, or fields, are more likely to require solar system maintenance. Additionally, while rain droplets can cleanse your panels of these particles, they are not able to remove sticky substances, like bird droppings, as easily.

Some environments require more solar system maintenance or less than others. For example, arid areas with less precipitation won’t benefit from rain nearly as often, whereas rainy locations will be cleaner. Furthermore, places where high levels of smog are normal may need their solar panels cleaned more often. In regions where snowfall is common, you won’t have to worry about snow, as it will slide off the panels like rain.

Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Solar system maintenance is not challenging, but it can be done incorrectly. Use a garden hose for minor levels of dust, but avoid using a high-pressure washer and power settings; they can scratch and damage the quality of the glass, decreasing their ability to generate solar energy as a result. If a higher amount of debris or stickier substances are present, use a soft scrubber and soapy water that does not contain any chemicals that could damage the quality of the solar panel.

It may be best to hire a professional to perform solar system maintenance in many circumstances. While cleaning your solar panels may be easy, doing so in hazardous locations, such as the roof of your home, can be dangerous. It is advisable to contact a professional solar company to handle any cleaning your panels might require. Ask about Impact Solar’s cleaning service option during your solar consultation.

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