The sun gifts us with virtually limitless light daily, making solar energy the ultimate renewable resource. Although every day isn’t always sunny, residential solar systems in NJ with the right batteries can store energy from brighter days to use when dreary days arrive. Technological advances continue to make solar more efficient and affordable, making solar power systems from Impact Solar an attractive solution for your energy needs.

If you’re considering solar power for your home, below are five big benefits that may impact your decision.

Lowers Energy Costs

One inescapable fact of modern life is that it runs on electricity, so most people want to lower energy costs as much as possible. Solar helps out with lowering these costs by delivering sustainable energy from the sun. Keep in mind that several factors contribute towards your savings and plan accordingly. 

Boosts Home Values

In addition to saving you money, solar power systems from Impact Solar can actually help boost your home’s value. Many potential buyers see solar energy systems as a premium upgrade they’re happy to pay for, not only for the energy savings and environmental friendliness but also for the return on investment. Net-metering lets you potentially sell the solar energy you produce but don’t use to utility systems, helping you recoup your installation costs while increasing what your home is worth.

Helps You Go Green

Using solar energy helps you go green, so you can lower your carbon footprint. Renewable and sustainable solar energy systems help you feel good about the electricity you use. When combined with add-ons such as solar panel critter guards, solar power systems from Impact Solar can help you better harmonize with nature, even in suburban and urban settings.

Works Well Anywhere

Even if your home doesn’t get lots of sun, the right placement angles can make solar energy doable for your space. Without direct sunlight, solar panels still draw between 10 to 20 percent of the power they draw on sunny days, making residential solar systems a great way to lower costs anywhere, even if you don’t produce enough energy to totally eliminate your electric bill.

Provides Tax Advantages

In addition to Solar Investment Tax Credits (ITC) offered by the federal government for residential solar systems through 2021, NJ offers incentives for installing a system. The state offers intermediate transition solar incentives called TRECs based on the number of panels you have and how much solar energy they produce.

When you’re ready to make the switch to a residential solar system in NJ, contact Impact Solar to learn more!

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