Kelly Luciano

When we contacted a few contractors about getting a solar system Rob responded immediately. We planned to go through the PSEG solar program so maybe the other contractor didn’t want to be bothered. Rob came over and sat down with us to answer any questions. We had looked into solar before and we knew we definitely didn’t want a lease. Impact Solar didn’t even have a lease option so that was good. Rob clearly explained a couple different options and we choose what was best for us. The PSEG program puts an extra layer of complexity because you must qualify through PSEG. Rob and Sam worked with me every step of the way and always responded right away. That seems to be rare these days. Once I was approved the system was installed in 2 days by Rob, Sam and another person. Everything looks so nice and neat. They have made the whole process very easy. There was even a math mistake on one of the loans and instead of redoing the paperwork, Impact Solar covered the difference since they said it was their mistake. Both Rob and Sam are very knowledgeable and great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.